At the age of 18, Andy started building websites and turned his passion into his profession. Within 8 years, his company ‘nmg’ grew into a successful award-winning agency with more than 20 employees and a turnover of several million euros. At the age of 37, Andy sold a majority of his shares to operational management and remains active on the board of directors. Andy is the author of the book “From Self-employed to Entrepreneur in 15 challenges” (in Dutch) which was sold more than 1 000 in Belgium in the last year. He shares his wealth of knowledge as a public speaker at events. As an investor, he currently participates in several promising scale-ups. His personal story is a source of inspiration for marketing professionals. During his presentation, Andy will share some of the challenges in his growth trajectory and provide insights that will help you build a more fulfilling and durable business as a marketing professional.


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