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Freelance Business Events

Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales

15-16 April 2021

Planning to start your own freelance business in the marketing domain, or running your freelance practice, but would like to extend your network, learn new marketing techniques and business skills, then you should join this events.

Freelance Business for Software Developers

6-7 December 2021

Online event for freelance software developers to talk about how to start and grow freelance business if you a software development pro.

Freelance Business for Writers

3-4 June 2021

One of the most popular profession amongst freelancers, but yet the most challenging. How to stay competitive, how to find clients and ensure stable income? We will be bringing experts to teach you the tips and tricks of running your own solo-business.

Freelance Business for Creatives

23-24 August 2021

Feeling alone, but would like to meet other creative professionals and at the same time learn how to run your freelance business better? We are designing this event specifically for you.

Freelance Business Day 2018

First Freelance Business Day took place in Brussels and was the first initiative to gather freelancers in Belgium to connect, discuss and share the knowledge about starting and growing a freelance business. Topics covers: grants and incentives for the self-employed in Belgium, legal aspects of running a freelance business in Belgium, pricing, insurance, accounting and more. You can find the report and the session slides on the event website.

Freelance Business Day 2019

The 2nd edition of the Freelance Business Day has gathered 120 freelancers, experts and supporters in Belgium to learn, get inspired and network in a trendy L42. The 2019 edition featured the brand new Wantrepreneur track – specialised session for people considering starting their own business. See the main takeaways and photos on the event website.

Freelance Business Month

The Freelance Business Month (1-31 October) is an initiative designed to unite European freelance ecosystem and to show the power of growing independent businesses. With the key focus on independent professionals in Europe, the event will last the entire month and be the epicentre of cultivating ideas, knowledge, skills sharing and learning new tools that enhance freelance productivity and efficiency.

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