Grant Lingel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital Latin America and Sentient Media. He is a serial entrepreneur in the tech and media space, teaches digital MBA courses for multiple international universities and online programs, and invests in plant-based businesses in the Brazilian market. He has written two books, produced a travel show, and speaks multiple languages. Originally from Rochester, New York, he has lived in New York City, California, Mexico, Guatemala, Tanzania, and now Brazil, where he has been living since 2011. In this interview we will talk about: 1. what made Neil Patel Digital a success 2. what contributed to the growth of Neil Patel brand 3. the role of the team (freelancers) in the brand expansion 4. why digital marketing is the most essential skill for any freelancer 5. why the cross-border work for freelancers is the next thing to pay attention to 6. recommendations for starting marketing/sales freelance business Download the first free Freelance Business Book: 10 chapters from starting to growing and hiring, 50 expert article and more video materials:


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