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101 Ways of Freelance Platforms Marketing

As I am running the Freelance Business Community where our main goal is to connect the freelance ecosystem, I wanted to look at how platforms position themselves. Do they position themselves as a place for freelancers to find a job or a place for companies to find talents? I've reviewed more than 100 freelance platforms' websites, read their marketing slogans and made a list. I even came up with my own slogan based on the most popular words. Read on. 
Freelance Business Community
| February 20, 2023
Freelance Business Community
February 20, 2023

For a while, freelance platforms didn’t have a super reputation amongst freelancers. The perception about freelance platforms was that in order to win the competition on such a platform, you need to go low on fees or that you potentially can’t find any well paid business there. I’ve followed some of the courses about how to win customers on some popular platforms, and the suggested strategy is indeed to start low and raise your fees gradually. But how much lower can you go if you can find someone at 5-10 EUR per hour? It may work for a starting freelancer, or someone who does freelancing as a side-hustle in additional to the main job, but not for a consultant who has years of experience. 

Luckily, we have a new generation of freelance platforms joining the ecosystem that have a different approach to utilising freelancers skills. We see more deliberate matchmaking between the platform and customer request, where freelancers join the company mission and work on assignments long term for a fair pay. We see a better relationship building between clients and freelancers that joining a freelance platform community. 

Jon Younger in his recent article Freelancer First: How Innovative Platforms Are Prioritizing Freelancer Success outlines a number of organisations starting to prioritize the freelancer long-term success, and I only wish that the number of such companies only grows.

My attitude towards platforms changed too. From denial, that I can’t possibly find any suitable job for me on a platform, I am at the phase where I would like to test 3-5 platforms this year to find a match for my own freelancing skill set. (Follow me on LinkedIn, where I’ll share my learnings.)

So my curiousity about freelance platforms positioning was driven by 2 things: one – I wanted to find a freelance platform for myself (apart from running the Freelance Business Community, I am an event marketer) and second – to see how many of them actually taking the Freelance First approach that Jon Younger describes. 

I had a big fun reviewing how freelance platforms position themselves. I checked more than 100 of them. I wanted to find a platform where I, as a freelancer, feel welcomed. While I was reviewing the websites, it struck me: what an excellent exercise it could be to collect and compare all the marketing messages, so I started putting together the freelance platform slogans list. 

From 100+ platforms that I’ve viewed, only those highlighted in bold italic below position themselves as a place for freelancers to find jobs, the rest position themselves as a place where corporates can hire freelancers and find talent. A handful of organisations positioned themselves as a freelance friendly platform. 14 out of 101!

Why is it like this? Why in the war for talent, platforms are not positing themselves friendlier towards freelancers?  

It does not surprise me. At the end of the day, most platforms are making their money from attracting more clients. Finding a freelancer is not a ”biggie” (as I was told recently). Their main concern is to bring more jobs in. Freelancers will follow. 

Reading through the list of the slogans, I couldn’t help but counted the most used words. What if we take the most used words and come up with a marketing slogan for a platform, which is freelancer focused?  I tried to do it at the end. Would you like to give a try as well and send me your version? 

101 Marketing slogans of freelance platforms: 


  • ‘’//’’ means that the platform has a message for freelancers and clients on their home page. 
  • Unless translated, the slogans are kept the way they are written on the websites.
  • The company name was changed to either ”We” or ”Our platform” to keep it anonymous.


  1. A Career Path For Creative Freelancers.
  2. On a mission to support freelancers through learning, collaboration and paid freelance jobs. A purpose-led organisation that exists to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias.
  3. We’re the people who work on our own terms to deliver. No office, no nine-to-five, no presenteeism. Just good brains. Diverse thinking. Incredible outputs. Happy clients.
  4. Find the Right Job. Search thousands of part-time, work-from-home, contract, seasonal and service-related jobs, gigs and side-hustle opportunities // Hire the Right Pro. Choose from thousands of talented freelancers and service professionals available for contract, part-time, remote and gig-work.
  5. Flexible job offers tailored to you.
  6. Freelance Writing: Your Top Source for Freelancing Work.
  7. Future is now. Join the most innovative community on the planet for all of your creative and professional needs.
  8. Get a task, work the way you want. Join the world’s largest talent platform for engineers. We match you with challenging engineering tasks for exciting high-tech clients that will boost your skills and expertise, in every stage of your career. Do what you’re great at and enjoy the freedom to work when, how and from where you want.
  9. Match with like-minded solopreneurs and grow a more meaningful work network. We believe that freelance success is rooted in relationships. We are a professional matchmaking app for freelancers. With us you’ll be matched with new teammates who not only have the skills you need, but are nice people too.
  10. Need digital talent? Get connected. Join the #1 freelance work community where skilled digital talent connects with innovative companies. Supercharging freelancers, projects and companies. Easy as 1-2-3. 
  11. Project platform for freelancers. More than 18,000 freelance projects are waiting for you right now.
  12. Work the way you want. Your freelance journey starts here.
  13. 750+ top freelancers on demand. Hire talented freelance developers or have us assemble a project team for you.
  14. A curated platform to access top-tier business consultants on-demand. Asia’s largest pool of vetted independent consultants and skilled project-based resources to drive business priorities.
  15. A Pool of independent consultants and managers at the service of your strategic challenges.
  16. Accelerate innovation with world-class tech talents. Hire talent. Hire pre-vetted tech talents in a remote, elastic and mutually trusted setup.
  17. Accelerate SaaS & Data Capabilities Faster Through our Marketplace.
  18. Access top-tier developers. Finding great talent has never been easier.
  19. Best On-Demand Fluid Talent For Digital Transformation. Need a vetted expert? We connect your business with vetted Remote Talent globally.
  20. Better Marketing Innovation Starts Here. Accelerate the co-creation of your next brand, product, packaging or activation, by collaborating with top teams of talents, experts and partners on our innovation platform.
  21. Build borderless tech teams at lightning speed.
  22. Build remote engineering teams with the world’s top talent.
  23. Business: Get access to freelancers across multiple sectors that will complete gigs for you. // Freelancer: Get access to work in your area and start completing gigs to earn more.
  24. Companies and freelance teams can finally work together. We invented Virtual Companies, so teams of independent experts can instantly become enterprise-level suppliers.
  25. Democratizing access to knowledge! Save time and money by validating your decisions with the best experts through personalized video messages and video calls in less than 24 hours (Translation from Spanish).
  26. Discover the top tech talent today. Save time, money and stress with our platform – the digital sourcing platform that brings top talent and forward-thinking clients together.
  27. Do you lack an ambitious SAP / IT Freelance Partner? (Translation from Danish)
  28. Employ your potential. You’re more than your resume. Create a free profile and let companies apply to interview you (with salary details upfront).
  29. empowering people 3 – globally.
  30. Enter the new era with global talent and expertise. Connect with on demand experts for your toughest business challenge.
  31. Everything you need to scale a global team. Our platform simplifies global team management, payroll, immigration, and HR, so you can hire faster, streamline people processes, and stay compliant, always.
  32. Expert Answers, On Demand. Empowering your team to solve problems and drive innovation with savvy advice, guidance, and knowledge.
  33. Find and hire exceptional talent quickly and efficiently. We offer a pioneering end-to-end freelance hiring and management solution on the market. We deliver an innovative technology-based approach to staffing for faster access to vetted talent, at industry-leading rates, with fewer payment and compliance headaches.
  34. Find and Hire The Best Of African Talent for your Business.
  35. Find expertise, support and talent for top digital results.
  36. Find freelancers & small firms in architecture & engineering to help you take on more projects. Prepare architecture and engineering designs with help from a regional and global network of independent professionals, ready to get hired on demand.
  37. Find Tech Freelancers in 48 Hours. Our platform simplifies the process of hiring the best tech freelancers on the market, with industry-leading vetting to match you with top profiles in as little as 48 hours.
  38. Find the right PR freelancer. We’ve Made Hiring a Freelance PR Expert Quick, Confidential and Free.
  39. Flexible resourcing for financial services growth market clients. A curated platform of professional freelancers, independent consultants and specialist consulting firms – all tailored to the needs of the financial services sector in Asia and Africa.
  40. Freelance HR Platform and Marketplace. Hire a freelance HR consultant to help you scale better, faster, and more flexibly.
  41. Get a grip on your marketing. Build a flexible layer. Bring top marketing knowledge from the outside in. Work faster, cheaper and more flexible than agencies or new employees.
  42. Get all the benefits of your own on demand workforce (translation from Danish)
  43. Get connected with world-class consultants. We are a curated marketplace for independent management consultants and industry experts. We provide a best-in-class matching service for organizations from all sectors.
  44. Hand-picked talent. We help you discover and connect with world-class freelance talent. With no contracts to sign and no commission on bookings.
  45. Highly skilled talent on demand for management consulting and financial services clients. A platform of highly skilled independent consultants and full-time professional freelancers in Asia, MENA and Africa. All curated for the needs of consulting and financial services clients.
  46. Hire freelance scientists & industry experts.
  47. Hire Pre-Screened Freelance Developers & Designers. We are a network of top freelance developers and designers with hourly rates ranging from $30 to $100. Join 100+ teams who have hired talent for a few weeks to a few years!
  48. Hire the best freelancers for any job, online. World’s largest freelance marketplace. Any job you can possibly think of. Save up to 90% & get quotes for free. Pay only when you’re 100% happy.
  49. Hire the best on-demand developers. We’ve vetted the greatest freelance tech talent, so you don’t have to. We are a white-glove agency representing the world’s best freelance developers, teams, data scientists, blockchain experts, designers, app specialists & more. Top companies trust us to solve their biggest tech challenges with a human-centered approach.
  50. Hire the best Product freelancers on-demand. The world’s best Product, Design and Tech talent rigorously screened and selected for you – no risk, no surprises.
  51. Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent. We are is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world. Top companies hire our freelancers for their most important projects.
  52. Hire top Business Tech Freelancers. We are your on demand talent platform connecting companies with world class freelancers and interims.
  53. Hire top freelancers in the city of your choice. The easy, affordable way to find the right experts for your business. The talent you need. The flexibility you want.
  54. Hire, manage and pay vetted freelancers, all in one place. We are a leading all-in-one platform to find, hire, manage and pay elite and vetted UK freelancers. End-to-end compliant with all IR35, SDC, and HMRC required regulations.
  55. How work should work. Forget the old rules. You can have the best people. Right now. Right here.
  56. Hypercare freelance sourcing for the enterprise. We build and manage digital teams with Europe’s top freelancers for the leading enterprises, delivering digital products and services with a dedicated hypercare support team, and assuring successful delivery and significant savings.
  57. Independent Talents at the service of your success. A community of independent consultants at the service of your performance. Managers and experts in business advice, for the success of all your projects. (Translation from French).
  58. Ireland’s leader for Freelance Marketing talent.
  59. Knowledge and market insight, on-demand. Our research solutions are an essential resource for businesses looking to tap into emerging market growth opportunities.
  60. Launch your freelancer/contractor marketplace today.
  61. Let’s turn passion into success together. We rely on the values of each to connect talents and projects, thanks to high-performance tools and tailor-made support. (Translation from French).
  62. Life Science’s Strategic Response to the Great Resignation.
  63. Find On-Demand Expertise // Apply as Small Business Subject Matter Expert
  64. Look more pro. Spend less time. Your new freelance business management software and job board.
  65. M&A rockstars. At the click of a button. Access our vetted community of tier-1 M&A and strategy talent. Ready to support you in 48 hours.
  66. Meet Your Ideal Freelancers. Get personalised talent recommendations and work with top talents in 24 hours.
  67. On demand expertise. Extensive global pool of pre-screened, experienced consultants with deep industry and functional expertise.
  68. Outsource top developers in your time zone.
  69. Passionate people fueling the next frontier in the growing space economy. We’re changing the idea of how work gets completed in the aerospace industry. We need your space passion and expertise as we pioneer this new frontier in work.
  70. Pay & Manage Contractors Globally & Compliantly. We make it easy for you to hire, pay and manage contractors internationally while ensuring your full compliance.
  71. Payroll and compliance for international teams. The platform built for today’s world of work. Hire anyone in a new country in minutes and automate onboarding, payroll, and compliance. It’s a world-class experience for your business and entire international team.
  72. Powerful external workforce management: Redefining the contractor experience. Build, manage and retain your external workforce with the only tool built to manage independent contractors with robust compliance and fast payments.
  73. Quality driven tech teams. On-demand. Bring our QA led software development process + the world’s top tech talent to your next digital project.
  74. Save time, money and stress with us – the digital sourcing platform that brings top talent and forward-thinking clients together.
  75. Strengthen your team. Interim Managers / Operational Competences ease changes, boost productivity and bring skills to an organization’s transformations and add executive competence level of organizations.
  76. Tailored project support On-demand consultants and experts. We complement and enable your teams with world-class expertise to boost project delivery and business performance.
  77. Talent Platform For Crowdsourcing. Tap into the fastest growing talent pool, #freelancers, and leverage their network for the greatest outcome for your job.
  78. The all-in-one platform for those who do it all.
  79. The best freelance teams for your app//web//…The best freelancer is the one you choose.
  80. Find an expert from among 330.000+ freelancers on our platform.
  81. The best on-demand talent to carry out your projects. We are a community of validated professionals. We work together with leading companies to make things happen. (Translation from Spanish).
  82. The Home for Your Freelance Workforce. Hire and manage elite global talent with automated contracts and payroll. 100% compliance guaranteed.
  83. The home of business talent. Connect to business talent and build the workforce to power your organization.
  84. The Leading Marketplace for Independent Management Consultants and Freelance Executives.
  85. We offer independent advice and interim managers with high added value. (Translation from French)
  86. The only marketplace for pre-vetted JavaScript developers.
  87. The smartest, most compliant way to contract event industry freelancers.
  88. Compliantly onboard, schedule and pay experienced planners and event staff from a single, user-friendly platform.
  89. The World’s Platform for Impact with AI. Exclusively for Impact Organizations and Real-World AI Engineers. Starting a new project every week.
  90. There’s an easier way to work with contractors. Get rid of the financial, admin, and legal headaches of working with independent contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and consultants.
  91. Thousands of freelancers are ready to start working on your project.
  92. Top-Teams for your projects in IT, Marketing & Consulting.
  93. We are a group of companies that enables it’s partners through crowdsourcing mobile technology.
  94. We believe in great stories, ours will make yours. A firm in operational and multi-sector strategy. Who accompanies you from strategic thinking to the operational implementation of the Transformations of your organization. (Translation from French).
  95. We curate original teams to solve modern business and brand challenges.
  96. We deliver the right writers whenever you need them.
  97. We’re a flexible resource for marketing teams and creative agencies who need English or multilingual writers on tap.
  98. We help large companies become more innovative through open and collaborative models of innovation.
  99. We’re a virtual healthcare communications agency powered by a global collective of high-calibre, seasoned PR, communications and creative experts.
  100. You get the best result with the best people. From online marketer to full-stack developer, you can find your freelancer through our platform.
  101. You hire. We enable. Our platform is a contingent workforce platform that puts your talent first. 


Now I can suggest a new marketing slogan based on the most used words for any platform out there . Grab it while it is hot.

The best platform for freelance experts and independent consultants to find assignments and projects. The top businesses in the world are looking for you to hire and add your talent to their team. 


Did you enjoy this article? Do you have a comment? Connect with me on Linkedin.

Author: Elina Jutelyte


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