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Meet Youri Choi, our Ambassador in Melbourne!

Our amazing Ambassadors are connecting freelancers in several cities worldwide. If you are in Melbourne, Australia, make sure you get in touch with our Ambassador, Youri!
Freelance Business Community
| October 25, 2022
Freelance Business Community
October 25, 2022

If someone were to write a book about your freelance life / career, what would it be titled?

Finding happiness through my own work.

What is your city as Freelance Business Community Ambassador? Why did you choose this location. Why do you live there?

Melbourne, AU. Because my city is multicultural city, quite energetic, and people in here are open-minded compared to other small cities. Most of all, I love the many interesting festival here so that I can experience each of cultures instead of going to another countries. (But travelling to another countries is the best!).

What do you do as a freelancer? What is your profession?

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. Also, I am preparing my own Children’s book.

When and how did you start freelancing? Where did you promote yourself? 

I started my freelancing work in 2017 as I made a contract with my first client who’s named SeoHyun Lee, she was a well-known dog groomer in Korea and Japan, having her own two shops in Seoul. And after that, from 2017 to 2020 I put together a small clientele, meanwhile studying for my final degree. About promotion for my work, I was using a freelancing application on mobile and getting referrals from my clients. But these days, I collect ideal client’s contact and pitch my designs to them. This way I can upgrade my career as a more professional graphic designer.

How did you find your current clients and projects?

I usually collect ideal clients and send them an email. I would like to get a culture-related project so now I am thinking on contacting Korea culture association.

What is your favourite thing about freelancing?

Using my time freely more than working as a employee. And moreover, it is the best for graphic designers, working on different projects with various clients. To be successful we have to collect projects to our design portfolios.

What is your biggest challenge in freelancing?

Sometimes I am worrying if my contract papers are covering everything. I always check again and again.

Where do you stand now with your freelance journey?

From earlier 2021 to Feb 2022, I got 26 clients, which is quite good number, but I was not satisfied. So for changing my work way, I atteded a design bootcamp to know how to find my ideal clients. My future plan is to get clients in my ideal industry and I’d publish my first children’s book which is going to be available to the public globally.

What would you do differently if you would start freelancing today?

I would think more about what is the ultimate goal of this journey. Is it keeping a certain lifestyle or is this about getting more experience?


Connect with Youri on Linkedin and join her event on 29 October 2022 in Melbourne!


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Freelance Business Community

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