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Our Favorite Podcasts on Freelancing, Freelancers and (Freelance) Business

Hungry for some brain food? We've collected plenty of resources to keep you satisfied.
Freelance Business Community
| April 14, 2021
Freelance Business Community
April 14, 2021

As we’re kicking off our Freelance Business for Marketing and Sales event this week, we’re in a learning mood. We asked our lovely freelance community over at the Slack channel to suggest useful and insightful podcasts or YouTube channels on all things connected to business and freelancing.

If after attending our event your curiosity has been piqued, here are the best suggestions from our community. You can also find talks from previous Freelance Business events on our YouTube channel.

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1.Akimbo podcast

Seth Godin needs no introduction, and nor does his popular podcast Akimbo. In it, he shares his views and analysis of the world around him and inspires you to find answers to the bigger questions. If you love his work, you’ll fall in love with his podcast.

2.Superhumans at work by Mindvalley

Want to be better at your occupation? Superhumans at work want to help you. It aims to help turn your work from dissatisfying to fulfilling and accelerate your career growth, by answering direct questions like “How to recover from chronic stress?” and “How to deal with workplace conflict?

3.Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a trailblazing entrepreneur, whose YouTube channel offers plenty of advice on self-development and productivity. She mixes rapid-fire videos full of advice for business with talks featuring interesting guests who reveal their unusual journeys and strategies for success.

Why People Ignore Your Writing — and How to Fix It with Cole Schafer

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4.Creative Rebels

Prepare for inspirational interviews with creatives who’ve escaped the 9-5 lifestyle. With topics ranging from self-belief to success in social media and building a creative space, you will get plenty of insight from hosts David Speed & Adam Brazier.

5.Lessons from a quitter

Host Goli Kalkhoran quit her law practice to soul-search and find new meaning. Since then she has focused on helping others realize it’s okay to evolve and look for something new in life. She mixes educational and self-development topics with interviews featuring other “quitters” in the hopes of inspiring you to follow your dreams.


This chart-topping podcast from TED and Adam Grant features talks with legends like entrepreneur Richard Branson, author Margaret Atwood, director M. Night Shyamalan and even a crew of astronauts! The guests will share their advice on work and productivity, ensuring you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on your work.

7.How to fail by Elizabeth Day

“It’s okay to fail, as long as you keep trying,” somebody once said. Learning from your past failures will help you become a better person in the future, and this is the idea behind Elizabeth Day’s podcast. Forget spectacular success stories – the guests here share their worst failures, and how they bounced back from the bottom.

8.Freelance heroes

Ready to take your freelancing to the next level? Freelance Heroes gives you all the information you’ll need to get better at freelancing, from personal development guides to overviews of the industry and the most important trends. An essential pick among podcasts for freelancers!

9.The Wolf’s Den

Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf of Wall Street, offers an insight into his wild life and talks with guests like Neil Patel and Tai Lopez. Enjoy lessons on making money, becoming more charismatic, taming the world of business, and much more, all delivered in Belfort’s no-nonsense style and peppered with harsh advice.

10.Something you should know

For a break from the hard-boiled advice on work and productivity, check out the fascinatingly quirky Something you should know podcast. From how emotions work and how noise can harm your health to the story of the hamburger, the range of curious topics covered is bound to widen your understanding of the world.

We hope you’ll find plenty of value and enjoyment in those ten suggestions. Do you have a favorite podcast you’d like to share? Tell us on Linkedin, Facebook, orInstagram.


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