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What Change In Strategy Do Corporates Need When Hiring People Amid The Scarcity Of Talent?

Keep up with the advancements in the world of HR with advice from some of the top thought leaders in the industry.
Freelance Business Community
| December 15, 2022
Freelance Business Community
December 15, 2022
Hiring freelancer vision strategy

The future of work is changing. Globalization, the advancement of technologies and the effects of the pandemic have shown us that the traditional rules of work should no longer limit us. As a result, businesses and corporates have gotten much more opportunities to hire exceptional talent, but they also face disruption to the usual hiring methods and mindset. In this article, we turned to the HR experts and experts at Charipickers and discussed what businesses need to do to prepare for the new realities of work. We have collected a few tips to share with you.

Focus on retention and engagement

Many of the talented workers today realise their value and know that many companies would bid for their skills. They are not afraid to jump ship if their work environment is not meeting their standards. So the question for businesses is – how will you retain great talent in your organisation?

Find out what people in your industry value and provide it. Ask your workers for their opinion. Be proactive! Apart from the usual compensation and benefits, employees are increasingly caring about ethics, sustainability and the culture of the organisation. Are you investing in this area of your business?

Freelancer Engagement at Companies with Charipickers


Remote is here to stay

McKinsey found that 87% of employees care about working remotely, and some can even turn down an otherwise attractive position if it doesn’t provide them the necessary flexibility. This means your company needs to consider the benefits of moving to hybrid or fully remote work.

Of course, for some companies this will not be easy, but for many, this can be a winning step. Put even more trust in your team and focus on results, not on hours clocked, and see efficiency increase.


Workstyle revolution: where the future takes us? with Alex Hirst and Lizzie Penny


Changes to strategic thinking

When creating your strategy, you need to be aware of what people you will need to achieve your goals. Are you creating a product? Upgrading a service? Offering help and consultation? Outline what talent you will need and for how long. Full-time is not the only option here!

Afterwards, figure out what will be the most suitable hiring strategy and implement it. Test on a smaller scale if you are not sure. Go back to the drawing board if necessary. If you feel unsure, you can consult experts like Charipickers, who can reveal hidden opportunities for your business.

Freelancers and remote workers can offer great flexibility and only join your team when they are needed, rather than putting weight on your payroll year-round with a permanent contract. If you maintain a great relationship with your contingent workforce, they will be willing to return to your team and help, making your life easier.

Expand your horizons

Some of the advantages that the shifting realities of work is that now it is easier to cooperate with people from outside your geographical area. There is a vast pool of talent, and you can always find the right person for your needs. Just keep in mind the need for legal compliance and issues like false independency, and make sure to always make sure you are staying compliant. You can find more detailed information in our article.

The changes to the employment status quo often come as a shock not only to employers, but to employees as well, and some talented workers may feel unsure about the new rules of work. This is where the adaptability of freelancers and other independent contractors comes into play. They are already used to many of the challenges of today’s workforce, like remote work and project-based problem-solving. They are able to hit the ground running with your project and adapt to the scope and needs of work.

And if you are worried that a good freelancer has a higher price tag than a traditional employee, Ian de Swart from Charipickers has helped us debunk this myth in his article.

Companies are now faced with a choice – either adapt to the disruptions in the world of work, or risk missing out on exciting avenues for growth and development. The way to success needs to involve a lot of communication between managers and HR, to merge the company’s strategic goal with their hiring goals. When this synergy is achieved, great things will happen!


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