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10 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer vs Fixed Employee

10 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer vs Fixed Employee

Guest post from Gergő Benedek, freelance content writer and founder of Black Unicorn, a consultancy service that solves complex communication challenges.

Kamila Zahradnickova - Lakmoos

Spotlight: Interview with Kamila Zahradnickova – from freelancer to founder

We first met with Kamila in 2020 when she attended the Freelance Business Month. Back then, she was only starting her freelance career. 2 years forward, she is a founder of an aspiring startup, Lakmoos. Read her story below.

The Essential Freelance Toolkit

The Essential Freelance Toolkit in 2023: Top 10 Tools for Independent Professionals

By taking advantage of the opportunity to schedule their own time, freelancers have - naturally - become champions of efficiency. Most of us are early adopters of all new applications and digital solutions, constantly optimising our operations. 

The Marketing Freelance Survey 2023

What Can the Irish Freelance Market Teach Us? Trend Alerts for Aspiring Freelancers Around the Globe.

The Irish freelance market has some valuable lessons to offer freelancers globally, particularly in the marketing, digital, and creative disciplines. 

How can organisations manage local compliance when hiring freelancers

How can organisations manage local compliance when hiring freelancers

In this article, we will highlight how to check you are being compliant when working with freelancers and that you don’t run into any legal hot water and can give you and your business the breath of fresh air you deserve. 

Image by Nino Carè from Pixabay

Freelance Economy Dictionary: Essential Terms of the Future of Work

So, how do you call freelancers and freelance work at the end?

Group of People Watching on Laptop - Hillary Fox

Minimum Standards Organisations Need to Follow when Hiring Freelancers

Hiring a freelancer is easier and faster than a fixed staff member, but there are certain rules and standards to follow to make them feel welcomed as part of your team.


101 Ways of Freelance Platforms Marketing

As I am running the Freelance Business Community where our main goal is to connect the freelance ecosystem, I wanted to look at how platforms position themselves. Do they position themselves as a place for freelancers to find a job or a place for companies to find talents? I've reviewed more than 100 freelance platforms' websites, read their marketing slogans and made a list. I even came up with my own slogan based on the most popular words. Read on. 


How and where to find freelancers?

We live in a time when finding help for realising your business idea has never been easier! You just need a solid plan, a great strategy, the passion and dedication to be consistent, the resiliency to bounce back from setbacks and the creativity to stay ahead of the curve and find solutions to issues. And if you need extra pairs of hands to make the dream work, hiring independent workers is often the best option. Here is where you can find them.

You may be a freelancer yourself, who wants to offload some of your time-consuming or admin tasks to others, so you can focus on doing what you are best at. Or you might be running a small business with a few employees, and you think it is time to scale up.

False self-employment in Belgium

False Self-Employment in Belgium: What Does It Mean For Freelancers?

False self-employment (or fake independency) can cause many legal issues for freelancers and their clients. Here's how to avoid it!

Hiring freelancer vision strategy

What Change In Strategy Do Corporates Need When Hiring People Amid The Scarcity Of Talent?

Keep up with the advancements in the world of HR with advice from some of the top thought leaders in the industry.

freelance hiring

What Is The Biggest Myth When Hiring Freelancers?

Learn the number one mistake hiring managers make when considering whether they should hire freelance workers

Getting clients as a freelancer

How to Get Clients? Client Acquisition Guideline and Ideas for Developers

Turn your IT and development skills into a neverending stream of amazing clients with our 10 tips for tech freelancers.

Business book freelancing

9 Business Books to Help you Become a Better Entrepreneur

Books are an essential helper if you want to become a successful independent professional: here are the best you can start with.

crypto freelance

Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 Opportunities for Freelancers

Never considered a freelance career in blockchain and web3? This is for you!


Hiring Freelancers in Belgium: a Simple Compliance Guide

Find flexible solutions, cut costs and administration and bring extra value to your business with the help of contingent workers

freelancer engagement

How to Integrate Your Flexible Workforce Into Your Fixed Teams: 5 Tips for Increasing Freelancer Engagement

Ensure maximum freelancer engagement in your blended team with advice and help from Charipickers


Total Talent Acquisition and How Freelancers Fit Into That Sourcing Strategy

Unleash the potential of your business by updating your recruitment strategy and using contractors - with help from Ian de Swart


List of Online Work Platforms for IT Freelancers

Get the best IT positions with these online work platforms for tech freelancers


Freelance Workforce for Business: How Will the Future of Work Look Like?

Creating an inclusive workforce is the strategy of forward-thinking organizations


Make Sure Your Invoices Bring the Money In, and Fast

Tired of clients ignoring your invoices? Here's what to do.


80+ Great Tools for Freelancers

Technology is there to help freelancers to run their freelance work efficiently and effectively. We asked freelancers from our community about which tools they use and sharing. We collected responses, summarised and delighted to share the list below with you.

During the #freelancebusinessmonth we also had a session with Zakia Ringgold where we discussed the technology that can assist freelancers. We have added some details below for your information. Save this page in your bookmarks, as you may need it later.


Virtual Assistant for Freelancers: How to Hire a Virtual Admin Assistant

If there's anything we have learned during the corona crisis, it is that working online is not as impossible as it might have seemed before! Working online gave us lots of freedom, but at the same time accelerated the number of tasks we needed to do, sometimes at a very high speed and in a short time frame. We asked Astrid Van den Maagdenberg, who is a virtual assistant herself, to tell us what a virtual assistant does and how virtual assistants can help independent professionals and freelancers to free up extra time for business.


Freelance Contract Essentials

Freelance Business Community has hosted a masterclass about the freelance contract essentials with Ian de Swart, co-founder of Charipickers. Below are some short but helpful guides for freelancers when dealing with agreements.


20 Global Job Websites for Freelancers to Find Work

Platforms that can help create opportunities for you and add additional projects to your portfolio.

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